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S530 Wireless POS

Product appearance


Dual CPU structure

 Mass memory; convenient for function expansion and long-term history record storage and check
 Printer, code keyboard, magnetic card slot, IC holder, RFID read head and the like are built in; no external equipment is required
 High resolution, 128*64 LCD screen with backlight
 High speed thermal printer
 Multilanguage support





Product features

• Support wireless communication methods such as GPRS,CDMA,WIFI and 3G; provide convenient, reliable, multi-functional and low cost mobile payment solutions
• Support LAN communication mode so as to achieve permanent online transaction and real-time networking 
• Support remote terminal management and program/parameter online upgrade
• Built-in PINPAD with multiple security protection
• Self destruction of key in case of uncapping for resisting hostile attacks
• Anti-peep cover with high security for preventing password disclosure


Technical Parameters



Dual CPU structure: ARM9+ARM7,basic frequency: 200MHz
32M memory (SDRAM); 32M NAND FLASH (BOOT and operating system)(can be customized to suit your needs)
High resolution, 128*64 LCD screen with LED backlight
Including numeric key, power key, enter key, cancel key, backspace, soft function key, menu key, direction key; keyboard with backlight
Reader of magnetic card
Support Track 1/2/3; comply with ISO 7811 specification; card can be read in both
SAM holder
ways2 SAM holders; comply with ISO 7816
Reader-writer of IC card
Built-in reader and writer of IC card; comply with ISO7816 specification, EMV LeveI1 and Level 2; 1 RFID reader-writer
Support ISO14443 typeA/typeB, 13.56MHz(optional)
Wireless interface
Support GPRS/CDMA/WIFI/3G network; built-in aerial
Physical interface
USB2.0( HOST),10/100M self adapting Ethernet port , 2 RS232 serial ports and earphone mic interface
Security module
Built-in PINPAD,ARM security processor
High speed thermal printer with printing speed >12 lines per second
Power supply index
Input: 100-240V,50/60HZ,1.0A output: 8.4V,1A
201.7mm*83.9mm*57.4mm (w*d*h)
Built-in UNICODE character library chip, including Chinese, Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and the like which can cover 81 countries and areas; support self defining character library
Power consumption

Standby time>40 hours

Environmental adaptability
Temperature: -5-50oC; relative humidity: 5%-90%.
Development environment
Open LINUX,GNU C language